Tiago Massoni

E-mail: massoni@computacao.ufcg.edu.br

Currently Head of Department (Computing and Systems) at UFCG.

President of the Formal Methods Special Group at SBC.

I focus my research in human aspects of software development; also evolution and verification. Here are my main publications.

Current PhD student Ruan Pierre, Flávia Estélia, Francielle Santos, Camila Sarmento and Narallynne Araújo.

Current MSc students Ana Silva.

Member of National Institute of Software Engineering (INES).

International Collaboration with Gary Leavens at UCF-FL, David Naumann at Stevens Institute of Technology, Miryung Kim at UT-Austin.

Contact info

Av. Aprígio Veloso, 882

Software Productivity Lab (SPLAB)

58429-900, Campina Grande - PB